The Last of Us: To Sequel Or Not To Sequel, That Is The Question.


In many corners The Last of Us (TLOU) drew plaudits proclaiming it to be the game of the year, if not this generation. The Naughty Dog game is the perfect marriage of character, story, score, tone and gameplay. As noted in many print and online sources, the game achieves a rewarding multiplayer much like its single player narrative.

With upcoming single player DLC ( ) scheduled for early 2014, the idea for a follow up to Naughty Dog’s new ip has always been touted. Critics have argued, that much like the protagonist (Cole) in LA Noire, the story of Joel and Ellie culminated in a staggering ending. The story arrived at its natural conclusion, and while it asked more questions than it answered, it felt complete.


From an artistic standing walking away from TLOU now would be (for a creative like myself) a courageous thing to do. But can artistic endeavour take precedent when business is involved?

Much like the ending of TLOU, what happens next asks as many questions as it answers. Do you think a sequel should be made? Would it be a Part II continuiing Joel and Ellie’s story, or should a new protagonist tell the story? Perhaps you play as a firefly on the hunt for Ellie? Or do you think that Naughty Dog should leave it alone?

20131222-065153.jpgwords by david rushe

  1. Laura said:

    This game don’t need a sequel . It’s really perfect like that . People want sequel for all . . I really love Joel & Ellie but i don’t want a sequel . It’s okay for the DLC ( Prequel ) but sequel : i say no! And ditto with another characters .

    • It’s a tough one. I do agree, I want this to be their story and their story only. The DLC will be fun, especially playing as Ellie again. But the world Naughty Dog have created, the characters, the tale, you really don’t wish for it to end. Saying goodbye now feels like losing a loved one, you just want them to stay a little longer. I don’t envy Naughty Dig for deciding the fate of The Last of Us.

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