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Detail in Contemporary Bar and Restaurant Design

By Drew Plunkett and Olga Reid

Lawrence King Publishing

192pp; £35


As most recently witnessed with the opening of David Chipperfield’s Café Royal restaurant and bar, it is not just the quality of the food that matters but the quality of the interior too.

The role that a restaurant or bar play, is as much social as it is functional, with respect to an interior whetting the appetites of would-be customers. Its design and spatial qualities can not only enhance the experience but encourage a return visit. The importance in creating the right environment can do as much to prolong the life of a business as the products it has to offer.


Bangalore Express London (2008) Outline

The book catalogues the differing means and mechanics of eating and drinking, and how the cultural and colloquial eccentricities of both influence the design and use of space in different regions of the world– from London to Tokyo and many places in-between.

Each project comes with a descriptive text and a series of beautifully captured photographs of in-progress and completed works. As with many Detail publications, each project is accompanied with a collection of floor plans, sections, construction and detail drawings. A bonus CD-ROM contains all the drawings as printed in the book.


Praq in Amersfoort (2008) Tjep

The book is an excellent in-depth examination of contemporary bar and restaurant design, with detailed drawings and photographs throughout. For practitioners who specialise in this area it is a worthwhile purchase, but broadly speaking I wouldn’t classify this book as an essential must have for your architecture library.

If anything it provides any future globetrotters a list of places to visit for architectural research and recreational purposes.


words by david rushe