My name is David: An MGS5 Update

“Who’s footprints are these?”

In my previous post I speculated that Hayter would return for the Konami Pre-E3 Event and be revealed as Snake. This evidently did not come to pass. Tjis evening I was having a little search online and I came across this…


Don’t believe me?…here’s the link:

“Metal Gear….it can’t be!”

Even though IMDB is the wikipedia of the movie world this latest revelation makes things much more interesting. In considering my own personal opinion on this “announcement”…I don’t disregard the claim completely but I do question in what capacity Hayter as David (Snake’s real civilian name) would appear.

There are a number of rumours circulating at the moment regarding the potential lead character for the next instalment in the Metal Gear saga. The Youtuber known as pythonselkanHD recently speculated that Gray Fox would become the new protagonist for MGS5 The Phantom Pain:

The video proposes that bandaged man known as Ishmael, voiced by Kiefer Sutherland plays the character called “Snake”. In the Konami Pre-E3 event, Sutherland is credited as voicing the character Snake, but never as Big Boss (who David Hayter previously voiced in MGS 3 Snake Eater)

Kiefer Sutherland as Snake

In the trailers thus far we are led to believe that Big Boss goes into a coma for a period of nine years, this correlating with the MGS timeline.) This coma episode and the awakening was the focus of gameplay footage shown by Kojima and was highlighted in the work of Dan Dawkins of CVG magazine. Dawkins goes on to discuss the reality of the bandaged man in his Master Theory article:

It is clear that Sutherland is voicing “Snake” but who this incarnation of Snake is still up for debate. The Youtuber known as YongYea continues this debate with a reaction piece to the Gray Fox suggestion: pythonselkanHD video, all but disproving the possibility of “Snake” being Gray Fox:

In typical Metal Gear fashion there is another twist in the tail! Youtuber Cow Jedi proposes that the new “Snake” is none other than the legendary master of disguise and mimicry Decoy Octopus! The background story and reasoning for Decoy’s appearance is given credence by an informative if poorly delivered video:

“David…my name is David”

The debate will rage on regarding the true identity of Sutherland’s “Snake” and whether or not there is room for Hayter to appear at some point in MGS5.

I do believe both Hayter and Snake (the Solid version) will return in some capacity in the game. As the game is set during 1984 and Eli (Liquid) is roughly 12 years old, this would also mean that a young David (Snake) would also be present too. The return of Hayter as Solid Snake may take the form of a post credit scene in typical Kojima fashion that would lay the ground work for Metal Gear Solid 6. This game (MGS6) most likely would be a reimagining of the original MSX2 classic Metal Gear, which saw a young Solid Snake on the hunt for Metal Gear and take on Big Boss at Outer Heaven. The scene could pick up after the conclusion to the MGS 5 game with the introduction of Solid Snake via a briefing from Colonel Campbell regarding the new Foxhound unit. It is a long shot, but a shot worth taking.

It is hard to know what Kojima’s plans are the MGS 5 The Phantom Pain and the future for the MGS series. With the release of each new MGS game, post Sons of Liberty, comes the “last game” threat from Kojima. If indeed Kojima was to retire from leading the series after MGS 5, which from early footage could very well be his opus, it would be understandable to bow out on a high. The game would be a gift to gamers and Fox Engine architecture would be Kojima’s gift to those at Kojima Productions and Konami, ensuring the future of the series. One thing is certain if Kojima is to leave the series on a high, he would most certainly want to leave the fans with a little treat. No better a treat then that of the return of Hayter’s Snake.

words by david rushe


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